Accelerator Talk with Gaurav Shrishrimal

on Youtube

A talk with Co-founder of Kaagaz Scanner application, A Bharat based application having 10+ Million Downloads. Check out this podcast to know the journey from IIT Kanpur to Tapp Me, to Kaagaz Scanner right now, developing a document super app, experiences at YCombinator, sharing learnings from his journey on social media and of course, his love for memes!


28 Nov 2021

This was the flagship event under DCEI and i.Fest, which gave students a platform to understand the essence of marketing, and learning the skill of not just solving problems, but also selling these problems to the potential customers.


14-16 Mar 2021

Stonks, a 3-day long event, was conducted to encourage effective marketing strategies and to make the participants aware of the stock market culture. This included participants pitching their products, and the "traders" to transact the shares of the companies who had pitched their ideas, thus helping the participants to know the essence of trading and pitching.


22 Nov 2020

DCEI organized sellout as a part of DAIICT’s tech fest i.Fest. It gave students a platform to explore and evolve their marketing skills, curiosity, creativity by selling different products and by solving real-world problems by providing legitimate solutions. Thus, along with the development of products, this event gave the students a chance to market them.


14-29 Mar 2020

CoroLearn was an online learning program intended to help students utilize the newly imposed lockdown to upskill themselves by accessing premium learning content from DCEI partners Educative and Progate. This would inspire technical development and innovation in students and create a strong, robust PR platform for other DCEI events.


8-10 Feb 2020

Swadheenta'20 was a first time ever Open Source-Entrepreneurship weekend, with a 36-hour tech hackathon, 1-day business hackathon and technical workshop by MLH, with a footprint of around 2000 people.