Incubated Startups

Alma Connect

It creates network for an institute and tracks its alumni. It connects the alumni, present students, faculties, management among themselves.

Year of Enrollment: 2012
Appbin Labs Private Limited

They have successfully developed a product “Developer Hub” which provides complete database services for rapid application development.

Year of Enrollment: 2014

Kamkaaj Solutions Private Limited
Kamkaaj Solutions Private Limited

Kamkaaj is an aggregator which aggregates jobs from different platforms (job boards , portals etc. ) and empowers user by the feature of searching, recommendation and analyzing jobs.

Year of Enrollment: 2015

Innoruption Tech Solutions
Innoruption Tech Solutions Private Limited

It is a hyper-local job marketplace for blue collar and entry level segment enabling instant view of all jobs and job seekers around you.

Year of Enrollment: 2017

Yoctosehns Technologies Private Limited

YST leverages its end to end IoT expertise to provide very low power automated cattle health monitoring products. These products help in delivering higher profits and yields through autonomous systems, sensors, and analytics.

Year of Enrollment: 2017

Truebook Technologies Private Limited

It is a business service provider, dedicated to help entrepreneurs effortlessly to start and grow their business, at a reasonable cost. Aim is to help entrepreneurs in the area of finance, accounts, legal, regulatory and statutory requirements and be partner throughout the business life cycle.

Year of Enrollment: 2017

Playpower Labs India Private Limited
Playpower Labs India Private Limited **

The company aims to develop and commercialize a set of educational games under the brand “playpower”. A unique aspect of these games is that they are borne out of strong academic research supported by research grants from Spark Grant, National STEM game competition and many more

Year of Enrollment: 2012

CoRygbee Private Limited
CoRygbee Private Limited (Now RAx) **

The start-up is an online research workflow management and collaboration platform research, students and faculties. The idea is to build a research paper discovery platform based on the ongoing research activity of any researcher.

Year of Enrollment: 2016

** denotes exited

Projects under SSIP

Generic approach based accident detection and notification system for motor-vehicles

Prof. Rutu Parekh

Smart Travel Bag

Prof. Rutu Parekh

OBD based emission test and driving behavior detection system

Prof. Rutu Parekh

Energy Harvesting using IoT

Prof. Yash Agarwal

Smart Microscope

Prof. Bakul Gohel
Prof. Avik Hati

Real-Time, sensor based Smart Monitoring System for detection of concrete maturity in construction site

Prof. Yash Agarwal
Prof. Vinay Palaparthy

Development and implementation of IoT Testbed

Prof. Kalyan Sasidhar

Development of Robotic Toys

Prof. Tapas Kumar Maiti

Neuro Track - 3D

Prof. Bakul Gohel

Person Re-identification and Tracking within the organisation

Prof. Manish Khare Prof. Bakul Gohel

Green Energy based Smart Lighting System

Prof. Anil Roy

Design and Development of an IoT enabled Smart Refrigerator

Prof. Kalyan Sasidhar

Avadhuta Antennaz Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Prof. Sanjeev Gupta
Prof. Deepak Ghodgaonkar


Prof. Saurabh Tiwari

System Development for Monitoring E-metering & Automated Leakage detection at home (MEAL)

Prof. Yash Agarwal
Prof. Vinay Palaparthy